Although we continue to live under increased restrictions, we have many reasons to be hopeful that the end of this pandemic is coming. As restrictions achieve their purpose of lowering numbers, and vaccinations become more widespread, we can see that things may be restored to us in the not-too-distant future. However, we still have a way to go and need to be patient for awhile yet.

In addition to formal letters that are distributed to the parishes, the COVID-19 Task Force will be using this Diocesan Newsletter to provide more frequent, consistent communication about matters relating to our shared experience in this pandemic. While the work of the Task Force is serious, we certainly do not enjoy always being the bearers of bad news. We would like to use this forum as a way of sharing some of the good news from our diocese. We are asking for stories about ways that parishes are responding to need, caring for people, and strengthening and maintaining community in this time of not being able to worship with one another in person.

If you have such a story to share and believe that it might encourage others and provide ideas to try, please send it to me for inclusion in these messages. You can send you good news to me at

Zoom Service Pro Tip – Assign service participants to breakout rooms during “coffee hour” at the end of your service. Not only does it create smaller, more intimate gatherings, but it has the added benefit of introducing people to others that they might not normally have coffee with.