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St. Laurence is a vibrant, welcoming and inclusive Anglican community. We are theologically progressive and intellectually challenging. We practice a renewed and compassionate Christian spirituality to deepen our experience of God. And we share this path with others as a response to the growing hunger for meaning and hope in our world.

“We are a spunky, open-minded Anglican community. We love to ask questions, experiment with new things and through the contribute to the larger conversation about how to renew and revitalize Christian life in the 21st century.” - The Rev. Anna Greenwood-Lee, Rector.

The Wisdom Centre

Launched in 2007 by St. Laurence the Wisdom Centre was – and continues to be – inspired by the realization that traditional religion often does not meet people’s spiritual needs. Since its inception the Wisdom Centre has cast a wide net and welcomes all that embrace a path to the divine through spiritual practice.

The Wisdom Centre welcomes you to a vibrant community where you will find events that enlighten and empower. We are a network that is seeking to renew and rediscover what the individual and faith community can mean for collective spiritual life in the 21st century.

For the 2019/2019 program year we will be hosting:

  • Interfaith Bible Study 
  • A contemplative study of the Gospel of Thomas (Fall 2019)
  • The Rev. Travis Enright (February 2019)
  • John Bell: Ancient and Ever New (March 2019)
  • Brian McLaren (November 2019) 

See for more information and registration.

5940 Lakeview Dr SW

Calgary, AB

T3E 5S8

phone 403-249-6184
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The Rev. Anna Greenwood-Lee, Incumbent & Director Wisdom Centre
The Rev. Carolyn Herold, Assistant Priest
The Rev. Don McLeod, Honorary Assistant & Co-Director Wisdom Centre
The Rev. Victor Cabel, Honorary Assistant
The Rev. Cathy Fulton, Honorary Assistant

Service Times

10:00 am Eucharist with Choir, Sunday School, and Nursery
11:30 am-12:15 pm (September to May) "Conversations" - usually a speaker or video or other opportunity for spiritual development.