We have a group of 20 Missional Coaches who have been trained to guide parishes in becoming more missional. There is an overall workshop which helps us to understand where we are as a church and how we got here. It includes information about our history as a church, some conversation about attitudes and approaches as well as results of a national study. 

The other workshops address different areas of our lives together: 

Community Outreach

Missional Small Groups


Organizational Structures

Youth & Children

Personal Sharing of Faith

These coaches are trained to come to parishes (or by electronic means) and provide a workshop on the overall information as well as any of the six topics listed above. The workshops contain the following areas for discussion. 


Naming present practice  - this is where the parish group discusses what is already happening in the parish and how this topic is already being addressed. 

Reflecting on present practicethis is a further discussion that goes a bit deeper regarding current practices. 

Scripture's Word  - This portion uses scripture to help us to discuss how we are perhaps called or might be guided by scripture on this topic. 

Implications for our context  How might what we've learned affect our current situation? 

Envisioning and Committing to a new practice In this final step the parish prepares to put into practice a new thing. Perhaps a slight alternation to an already existing practice or a new one altogether. They set a goal and timeline to revisit and see what might be altered and to celebrate successes along the way. 

Sometimes thinking differently takes a bit of time and help. These coaches are all well trained and capable of walking alongside you and your parish to help that transformation happen. 


If you would like to have a coach come alongside your parish for any of the above workshops please be in touch!  

Missional Coaching Inquiry

Get in touch with us if you would like to have a coach come alongside your parish for any of the above workshops.

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