Introducing the Calgary School of Discipleship

The new Calgary School of Discipleship is now open to anyone wishing for discipleship and educational resources to grow and build their relationship with Christ, as well as to those who feel called to specific ministries which require licensing with the Diocese.

Our goal is to meet you where you are at, provide you with what you need to get started, and then support you with ongoing education and formation. You can enroll in the school on the Pilgrim path to access education for formation and discipleship, or you can enroll on the Pilgrim path with the goal of getting licensed for ministry as well, or just take a course if you are interested!

The Pilgrim Path

For those seeking to build and strengthen their relationship and identity in Christ, you can enroll on the Pilgrim path. On this path, you can access all the courses of the school for interest’s sake, but you will be guided through a core of study including the Old Testament, the New Testament, Church History, Theology and Spirituality.

Licensed Lay Ministry Path

As representatives of the church, your pilgrim foundation as a disciple of Christ will be strengthened with additional training in Anglian Church polity and tradition, and specific equipping for engaging the liturgical and sacramental nature of leading ministry in our parishes.  Those who wish to engage in a ministry for their parish which requires licensing, are expected to enroll on the Pilgrim path, but also take additional training to get the licenses. You’ll start with the training for the license, and then continue to work on other education moving forward.