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The search for a spiritual home is an important quest. It's the search for a community of Christian Faith that "feels right" and "fits." It's a place where we feel "we belong" and the Christian gospel is presented in a way that inspires our lives, deepens our faith, challenges our thoughts and speaks to the longings of our hearts. It is a place with a worship pattern that feels 'familiar' but also refreshing. It's a place where the lives of the young, children, teens and young adults are nurtured in a meaningful caring way. You could say it's a matter of taste. At a deeper level it's about the soul's journey towards God. In other words, choosing a spiritual home is a very important decision.

St. Peter's does not claim to be the 'right' place for everyone, rather it is one of the ways by which people can "taste and see that the Lord is good."

St. Peter's Players

Since 1968, drama has come to be a vital part of St Peter’s Anglican Church. Since we began, St. Peter's Players has provided members and non-members of the church with an opportunity be a part of an amateur theatre group. Learn more here.

903 75th Ave SW

Calgary, AB

T2V 0S7

phone 403-252-0393
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The Rev. Jagdutt Singh, Interim Priest-in-Charge
The Rev. Rosemary Bishop, Deacon
The Rev. Jerrod McCormack, Honorary Assistant (until September 1)

Service Times

8:00 am BCP Holy Communion
10:00 am BAS Holy Communion

First - 10:00 am Mayfair Care Centre
Second - 11:00 am Chinook Care Centre
Fourth - 10:30 am Beverly Care Centre

10:00 am Holy Communion

5:30 pm Sacred Space