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Last week I talked about sources of water and what wells we draw from in our daily lives to refresh and nourish ourselves.

One of the spiritual wells that I have drawn from is daily prayer, in the form of the Morning and Evening Prayer liturgy.

For clergy, it's a duty and obligation, but I've always found it far more than that. It is a joy to be able to pray on behalf of God's people and with God's people whenever that is possible. It's about beginning and ending the day in a way that acknowledges who we are before God.

Morning and Evening Prayers has this nurturing element of sustaining life day by day and moment by moment, making us open to the Spirit’s guiding us and leading us and giving us a new strength to carry forward.

When we engage in the daily practice, of going to the wells of prayer, what we're doing is reminding ourselves that there is a way through this life, there is truth. And there is a sustaining life that can empower and strengthen us and nurture us and give us that spiritual vitality that informs and fuels all that we do. That source of that life-giving force, that well, is Jesus Christ.

I pray that as we continue this journey through Easter, even in the midst of these difficult and strange and surreal times with the COVID pandemic, that we will continue to go to that well of prayer, and we will continue to draw on that water. We will allow God to remind us to transform us to fuel us and sustain us, and, in all things make us more fully the human beings that we are intended in God's creation.