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There's an old expression in English — “I am betwixt and between.”

It means something more than just being between two things. it expresses our state of indecision or anxiety about being between two places where things have not yet decided.

Many people at this point in time of unsettledness caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, are feeling “betwixt and between.” Do we stay isolated? Or shall we venture out? These are anxious times. The government leaders are talking about reopening businesses and venues. Yet there are still protective measures in place and we're still hearing news of COVID-19 cases.

I pray that in this time of "betwixt and between", we might find ourselves, not losing our purpose or direction or being filled with anxiety, but rather that we will trust that we belong to Jesus. I pray that we will trust that God is with us to guard and guide us. I pray that we will trust that as we are turning our minds and hearts towards Him, that we are also being open to learn and to grow and to draw near to one another, in unity and in love.