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The 2021 Canadian Church Calendar is available to order.

$5.00 each for orders up to 24 copies. $3.75 for orders 25+ copies.

Shipping is promised to be free for orders over $50.

Click here to order

Note from the store: "Admittedly, the process is unclear at the moment—the free shipping has thrown a "digital wrench" into our distributor’s IT department (we're their first store to request it) and they are working to adjust the checkout pages on the website and in the emails as soon as possible.

When you check out on the eStore, your total includes a shipping estimate (i.e. a rate that shipping fees will not exceed), and your payment method will be pre-authorized for that amount. The order confirmation is not a receipt—that will arrive via email once the order is shipped. The receipt will reflect that, for orders delivered in Canada with a subtotal of more than $50, no shipping charges for FedEx Ground or UPS Standard methods are billed to your payment method."