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The gospel is universal, but it gets its expression in the lives of each culture in our human family. This past Sunday we celebrated the gospel through the spiritual perspective of our indigenous sisters and brothers.

I am blessed by these perspectives that come to us from the life and work of the ministry of indigenous peoples in our Anglican Communion. To me, these are great gifts that help us focus on our Divine Creator and that Creation is meaningfully alive with the presence and the power of God.

May we be still and know that Creator God is with us. Let us take a moment to go out and look at the stars that God has spread and be reminded that the heavens are telling the glory of God. The firmament shows forth His handiwork!

May we be reminded that we do not live in some mechanistic world, but one that is ALIVE with the power and the presence of God and that God is speaking to us moment by moment through His creation.

Let us also remember that we have brothers and sisters around the globe who declare the truth of the gospel of Jesus Christ in ways that express their own context. The gospel is being incarnated in different times in different places proclaiming the love of God and the truth of Jesus Christ. Let us open our hearts and minds to these truths.