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As we continue our journey through the strange world of the COVID pandemic, we are hearing from others that “weird is the new normal”. 
One of the things that I've noticed in the midst of the COVID pandemic, is that with the loss of our routines and our regular ways of life, we all become a little bit more on edge. I've been thinking that we can get consumed talking about the strangeness of our circumstance and the weirdness of it. But I believe that we also need to think about some of the things that are constants and that stay the same.
In my talk, I reflect on the scripture readings for this week, particularly what the Gospel encourages us on the constants of love and forgiveness. What does it mean to forego judging our brothers and sisters, and allowing that love of Jesus, to inform and to transform us? 
I pray that by the grace of God, you will allow the Spirit of God to shape you this week, to bring to mind what you need to let go, and to bring you into a deeper place of love for your brothers and sisters in this world.