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Welcome to St. Luke's Anglican Church!

In this time of COVID-19 and required self isolation, fostering and maintaining a sennse of community can be a challenge. St. Luke's is rising to the challenge by using electronic ways to reach out and maintain contact. We are meeting in "virtual" Church, Sunday School, and Youth gatherings using the Zoom platform. Zoom is an online meeting environment that allows our gatherings to be interactive. To be sure, there is a learning curve when we try new things. People can say and do some funny things not realizing that everyone else can see and hear them, but overall we are finding success and because of people's good heartedness and graciousness, we get over the bumps and experience something of what we are missing by not physically meeting together.

You are welcome to join us in our online gatherings. Our online Morning Prayer services have included participants from British Columbia all the way to Nova Scotia. Please go to our website to find more information on joining us. Links for Sunday gatherings are posted the day before. Here is the link:

St. Luke's Website


We like to say that we're an Old Church blessing a New World. Yes, the building is old for this part of the world, but more importantly, we are part of a Church that traces its origins back to the beginning of the Christian faith itself. Knowing that, we believe we have something to offer a world that often seems disconnected from its roots. Through our worship and spiritual practices, we get in touch with ancient ways that strengthen us for the road ahead. Come journey with us.

4929 54th St

Red Deer, AB

T4N 2G7

phone 403-346-3402
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The Ven. Noel Wygiera, Incumbent

Service Times

Sundays (September to June)
8:00 am Holy Communion (1962 rite)
10:00 am Holy Eucharist with Sunday School
7:00 pm Compline (Late Evening Prayer)

Sundays (July to Labour Day)
10:00 am Holy Eucharist or Morning Prayer

2:00 pm Holy Eucharist