Inspired by Curiosity...

Each one of us is on a life-long journey of discovery with God.  God always has a fresh call to our hearts.  God always invites us to step into new gifts.  God is always at work in our congregations and communities.  Along with prayer, study and learning are the best ways to open our eyes to what God is doing. 

By nature, we can become accustomed to our horizons.  Study and learning help us peek beyond what is familiar to get a bigger glimpse of who God is and how God is at work.

What you can find on this page

Here, you will find opportunities for study that can help you become "lost in wonder, awe and praise."  There are also opportunities more practical in nature: in preparation for becoming a Licensed Lay Minister, you might want to look at the sections for Biblical Studies, Church History, and Theology.  And there's resources for learning specific leadership skills for church life.

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